Open Up Your Heart and Let the Cookies Shine In



Let the Sun Shine In

So, you might think I’m a sycophant when I wax poetic about my clients.  I get it, and I’m not mad at you for it.  Maybe you’re thinking I’m a biased party with a vested business interest.  If you’re a new photographer and you want to make a lot of money, you should totally think this way.  If you’re a new photographer and you want to create art, do not think this way.  If you’re a seasoned photographer that knows how to do both you should market your technique because you have special magic!

My goal in a photography session is to connect with my subjects.  It’s an honor to be invited to capture a slice of time in a family’s life. Connecting with my families is how I am able to get those day-in-a-life photographs as opposed to the deer-caught-in-headlights photographs. As a result of that connection, my clients have a special place in my heart.<3 <3

I heard the most exciting news about one of my former clients. When I came here to blog about the news I looked into my blog archives to find a photograph of our session.  What?!  Why did I not blog this beautiful family?  That’s nuts!   I went deeper into archives and found this web sized gallery image and was so happy to find a image of beautiful Baby A.  Doesn’t she look so super smart and alert?  I remember this session like yesterday.  I was blown away at how smart and wise she was at only 5 weeks of age.

A big congratulations to that special client, Sharon Early,  for joining the ranks of my super sweet clients and starting her business Early’s Edibles.  Every time I see her bright, happy logo, I hear Pebbles and Bam-Bam singing “Just let the sun shine in…” in my head.  Who else is an 80’s child that remembers that hit? One highlight of her her sweet treats is that they are nut-free.

Sharon’s got a Facebook page, and can she can also be found around town doing cookie tastings.  If you miss a tasting, you can pick some up in Southport (at Spic & Span), Westport (at Steam Coffee Bar), Fairfield (at the Pantry), Wilton (at the Village Market), Weston (at Peter’s Market‘s), Darien (at Palmers Market). You can find Sharon’s nut-free treats all over the place, in-state and out-of-state.  Check out her site and get some!







The Sweetest Clients

Delicious bag of granola on scallped plate



This blog has been used to gush about my clients, and some of my favorite shots from their sessions.  I’ve always said I’ve been lucky to have the best clients ever.  I love you guys, thank you. <3

I have two especially sweet clients that have a special place in my heart.  I couldn’t be happier for them and their successes.

Next week, I’ll talk about some exciting news I heard from another client.

But, now I’ve got to check in to tell you what Michelle Jaffee of Sweet and Simple has been up to since my last blog post about Michelle’s bakery.

Michelle’s business has grown. I mean really grown. You can now order cookies through her website. Cool huh? If you already knew that, maybe you’ve been to her retail location in Fairfield. Or, maybe it’s because you’ve seen her on one of her (multiple!) appearances on Better Connecticut.

How awesome is that? Congratulations on all your success Michelle! I’m so happy for you! xoxo

“So, are you booking sessions or what?”



Well, I’m retired.  Not the golf playing, knitting, and leisurely retired king of retired.  But no longer working with clients or booking sessions kind of retired.  But, I’ve left by blog up, and my website up.

All of my clients have a very special place in my heart.  Taking my blog or website down, is almost feels like closing the door on them.  I can’t do that.  They’re all too special to me.

As you can see, recently I’ve been updating this blog again.  I miss my little (and big) clients, and coming here is almost like visiting them again.


Outdoorsy Types | Connecticut Child Photographer

Child Photographer Hadley Spagna captures two adorable children outdoors

November can get pretty chilly here in Connecticut. On the day of this session, it was no exception. After getting to know these cuties inside we came up with the idea of going outside. Boy was it worth it! Playing outside was one of my favorite parts from this session. We played lots of games. Including a game of Find Santa using a toy Santa from Rudolph and The Island of the Misfit Toys (which just so happens to be one of my all time favorite Christmas Specials). I’m so glad we went out into the cold that day. Our outdoor images are so special to me. I love how they are filled with happiness, cute-kidness and giggles.

These images were picked for the blog because I love how the sweet little girl is radiating happiness. Even better, her beloved friend Taggie made it in the shot. I wish I had more images of my kids and their special toys. Eventually they start to disappear out of the landscape and become a memory. This shot of Little Man is blogged because not only does he look adorable here; he walked right over to the back of his playset and said, “kimb, kimb” I couldn’t believe my ears! What a smartie! <3

©2010 Fairfield County Connecticut Child Photographer Hadley Spagna

Familiar Faces | Fairfield Connecticut Family and Child Photography

Three Sweet Smiling Faces by Fairfield Child Photographer Hadley Spagna

Do these faces look familiar to you? You may have seen this happy trio cracking up in my online portfolio. Though they’ve grown up since I last saw them, one thing has remained the same. They are still the same fun and happy kids filled with smiles and lots of laughter.

I couldn’t believe how this session flew by and how we captured so many different images in such a short period of time! There’s no doubt in my mind that this was a serendipitous session. At one point, the family’s black lab sauntered over into the frame, in the perfect place at the perfect time and then looked directly at me. What are the chances of that?

Thank you W Family for trusting me with your beautiful family’s photographs again! <3 <3

©2010 Fairfield County Fairfield Child Photographer Hadley Spagna