Artist’s Statement

If you ask me what I think the most important part of photography is you might be surprised by the answer. Most photographers will respond by saying understanding light. Technically, that’s a correct answer. My answer, like my work, is just different.

The most important part of photography is the connection between the photographer and her subject (and her subject’s parents). It’s about trust and sincerely wanting to understand and know your subject.

Sure, sometimes I’ll spend more time talking and hanging out then taking photos. Sometimes I’ll shoo parents out of the room. Sometimes I share a good laugh (or cry) with my clients. For me, photography is more emotional than technical. I employ a minimalist philosophy and take only my camera and lens on photo shoots and use your home as your backdrop. This way, your photos represent who you are and what you cherish.

My clients appreciate the luxury of having a photographer come to their home. They appreciate the art of photography and enjoy the experience, rather than see it as a chore. If you’re looking for a photograph of your child in a galvanized tub with a rubber ducky in the frame, my style is not for you. Like me, my clients value the connection between photographer and subject.

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