Open Up Your Heart and Let the Cookies Shine In



Let the Sun Shine In

So, you might think I’m a sycophant when I wax poetic about my clients.  I get it, and I’m not mad at you for it.  Maybe you’re thinking I’m a biased party with a vested business interest.  If you’re a new photographer and you want to make a lot of money, you should totally think this way.  If you’re a new photographer and you want to create art, do not think this way.  If you’re a seasoned photographer that knows how to do both you should market your technique because you have special magic!

My goal in a photography session is to connect with my subjects.  It’s an honor to be invited to capture a slice of time in a family’s life. Connecting with my families is how I am able to get those day-in-a-life photographs as opposed to the deer-caught-in-headlights photographs. As a result of that connection, my clients have a special place in my heart.<3 <3

I heard the most exciting news about one of my former clients. When I came here to blog about the news I looked into my blog archives to find a photograph of our session.  What?!  Why did I not blog this beautiful family?  That’s nuts!   I went deeper into archives and found this web sized gallery image and was so happy to find a image of beautiful Baby A.  Doesn’t she look so super smart and alert?  I remember this session like yesterday.  I was blown away at how smart and wise she was at only 5 weeks of age.

A big congratulations to that special client, Sharon Early,  for joining the ranks of my super sweet clients and starting her business Early’s Edibles.  Every time I see her bright, happy logo, I hear Pebbles and Bam-Bam singing “Just let the sun shine in…” in my head.  Who else is an 80’s child that remembers that hit? One highlight of her her sweet treats is that they are nut-free.

Sharon’s got a Facebook page, and can she can also be found around town doing cookie tastings.  If you miss a tasting, you can pick some up in Southport (at Spic & Span), Westport (at Steam Coffee Bar), Fairfield (at the Pantry), Wilton (at the Village Market), Weston (at Peter’s Market‘s), Darien (at Palmers Market). You can find Sharon’s nut-free treats all over the place, in-state and out-of-state.  Check out her site and get some!







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